Daycare Pricing

At SOCO Pet Lounge we provide a highly social, interactive and caring environment for dogs of all sizes and personality types – indoors and/or outdoors. Join us for organized group DayPlay, Personalized DayCare or make an additional reservation for overnight boarding

Please keep in mind all pets over the age of 8 months must be spayed or neutered in order to stay with us. Additionally, pets must have completed all rounds of puppy or kitten vaccinations and be current on all required shots prior to their first stay. Please see our Guest Agreement for details.

DayPlay: Dogs crave continuous attention, interaction and companionship – with other dogs and with humans. We know you love your dog(s) and understand they need lots of companionship to be healthy and happy. We also know that providing the level of attention needed can be a real challenge in today’s world. So, let us help!

Our prescription for a dog’s healthy mind and healthy body involves daily interaction, socialization, exercise and recreation. We accomplish this through interactive and supervised group DayPlay. This kind of activity among peers naturally promotes physical, mental and behavioral development and helps prevent, treat and minimize the affects of many anxiety and behavioral related disorders.

Our DayPlay daily activities includes:

• group play • nap time • snack time • and lots of TLC!

Our facilities are specifically designed to accommodate the needs of all dogs according to temperament and size. We have separate DayPlay areas for small, medium and large dogs. Our facility has indoor climate controlled play areas, outdoor green play areas with mini “pooch pools”, recreational toys, lounging furniture and lounge lavatory areas (for taking care of business). Safety, security and sanitation are top priorities and part of our design, operations and purpose.

Personalized DayCare: For dogs that are not suitable for group play, we offer individual play, interaction and attention from our staff. Puppies and geriatric dogs are often best cared for individually this way out of caution. Others dogs with health concerns or other mal temperaments may not be suitable for group interaction.

Guest Packages/Pricing: We keep our pricing and packages simple.
$40 for a full day of DayPlay or DayCare
$33 for a half day of DayPlay or DayCare(up to four hours)
Prepaid pack of 10 sessions for $360
Cat DayCare is $35 for a full day and $30 for a half day (up to four hours)

Why Choose Us?

  • A place your pet can stay and relax.
  • Designed to allow your pet to play for a day.
  • Great social play for your pet.
  • Committed to safety and security.
  • Partners with

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