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(512) 416-7387

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(512) 442-1546


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Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM Saturday 8:00 AM – Noon (Afternoon hours by grooming appointment only.) No daycare drop-off Sunday 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM No daycare drop-off


4917 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78745
Lounge Guest Agreement and Social Evaluation: All owners must complete a Lounge Guest Agreement prior to or at the time of their first visit. All Lounge Guests will receive a behavioral evaluation for social compatibility before being accepted into group play. This can be done on their first visit. All dogs must demonstrate a positive attitude towards other dogs and exhibit no signs of inter-dog aggression.Dogs with inter-dog aggression or people aggression may not be suitable for our playful and socially friendly environment, so please consult a Lounge Host about these issues prior to your stay. We love all dogs and are committed to caring for your dog - in group play or under individual care, but we must also protect the safety of your dog and our other guests and staff, so we reserve the right to decline lounge access to aggressive dogs or for any other reason.

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  • A place your pet can stay and relax.
  • Designed to allow your pet to play for a day.
  • Great social play for your pet.
  • Committed to safety and security.
  • Partners with

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